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Your old apartment is getting too small, you need to get out of your student room or you’re moving to a new city? Then it’s time to find a new apartment!

Shared room

All you need to know before living in a shared flat

For many, living in a shared apartment (in German called “Wohngemeinschaft” or “WG”) is an essential part of student life. But not only students live in shared apartments.

Wie man die perfekte Mietwohnung findet

How to find the perfect rental apartment in 10 steps

Whether you’re a young adult living on your own for the first time, moving to a new neighborhood, or trading in your home for a rental property, you need to be well-prepared before you begin your apartment search.

landlord tips for contract

7 valuable tips for landlords

1. manage the property like a professional Even if you don’t have a large number of apartments, you should still deal with your tenants and

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